LiveBrightly Group Coaching is an intimate group coaching program for women who want to take charge of their lives, in any area that is important to you: your business, career, creativity, well-being. We’ll carve out your vision on purpose, with purpose.

The focus of this intensive program is to build 2017 for you. We’ll narrow in on the specific tools you need at each step to transform your life and life’s work to be truly yours: to love it, hug it and watch it grow in the way you intend.

These are all facets and benefits of my one-on-one coaching, but this program brings a commuity accountability component, and at a faster pace.

If you are at a lost of what’s next, let’s look at what’s possible and start from that place. It’s powerful and scary, and that’s ok, that’s the spice of life, right?

Bottom line: You are your biggest asset. People value what you have to say and what you are creating in the world. You are worth it.



This is a two-month program, online or (gasp) real-life sessions for you Chicago ladies, one hour a week.

We’ll carve out your future goals, examine what’s getting in your way, break down the barriers of fear, self-worth, and self-sabotage, and then get to work in areas covering:

Personal Essence

When you discover your personal essence, you’ll know what qualities show up every time you do and how to bring those qualities to every touchpoint of your life. We’ll close the disconnect between who you are and how your life feels and discover what’s been holding you back from expressing the true you in your life and career.

Life Purpose

We’ll get finely tuned on your Life’s Purpose so we can work together to develop your life and career around what you most value. Your life purpose fuses into your personal brand, social media and how you present yourself and your business to the world.


What are you committed to? Where do you spend your precious time? Is that in alignment with your life’s purpose? If I looked at your phone, would I see that intention? If you find that you have no time for creating, dreaming, discovery, and, most importantly, taking action, we’ll change that.

Future Goals

You know you need to change, your business, your creative approach, your well-being, your career, but you don’t know what action needs to take place or how to do it. We’ll generate future goals based on the highest and best of what is possible for you. We will create an action plan and hold each other accountable for what you want to create.


Commit to yourself, your goals and your intentions. Let’s make it real, together.



Lisa Guillot is a life, brand + business coach for women in Chicago and beyond. Dubbed a branding expert by the Chicago Tribune, Lisa brings heart, soul and action to every conversation as she delivers her big branding experience to motivated entrepreneurs through one-on-one coaching and workshop settings. In addition to her coaching practice, Lisa is the founder of Step Brightly, a boutique brand consultancy, and co-founder of Forth Chicago a women’s entrepreneurial community.



"I learned so much from tonight's #PowerHour with the amazing life, brand and business coach, Lisa Guillot. The personal branding exercise she gave us was eye-opening and inspiring! Thank you."

Cherish Brown


"Lisa is a creative powerhouse, always brimming with new ideas even on projects that come up again and again. She brings fresh vision and understands how to get people to buy in to a new idea, even people who are averse to change."

Kathy Frey, Jeweler / Entrepreneur


"Lisa, I want to thank you for helping us during our dire time of need. You really helped us with your step-by-step process to re-organize Victoria Sdoukos Couture Bridal."

Genia Rackos, Lead Designer: Victoria Sdoukos Couture Bridal


"We came to Lisa before we even launched our company. As we have grown, Lisa has stayed with us and created new material that blends seamlessly with our original brand."

Eynav Epstein, Co-founder of EpsteinSchwartz


“Lisa captured the vision in my heart and head for my product line and made it tangible and visible.  It was a pleasure working with her.”

Dana Frost, Master Life Coach / Aromatherapy Alchemist


 “If you want a studio that wants to know your business and your opinions and has a strong process in place to help you create a new design for your company - you should consider Lisa.”

Kelly Lowery, Founder of KHLowery Consultants


"I look to Lisa whenever I have clients who need someone who can take a really strategic approach to their visual branding and can create something that advances their marketing and business goals."

Scott Stern, Founder of Central Marketing Agency