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I coach senior executives, business owners, and coaches to drop the frustration of feeling stuck, discover powerful clarity and supercharge their journey toward manifesting their brand vision.

Clear Vision Coach
"Lisa was amazing! From session one, her calm, positive and friendly approach creates a space where you'll feel super comfortable to open up and share. Now, I not only feel more excited about the future, but also have a great set of tools to push me away from old patterns. I definitely recommend Lisa if you need clarity and direction."
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Juli Vignette
Senior Art Director

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Empower your mindset and gain a new perspective in an exclusive 1-hour session with me. Act fast to secure this limited-time offer for new clients at just $333 (typical coaching sessions are $400+).​


"Good coaching has a way of surprising you with exactly what you need to learn about yourself so you can move to the next level. That's what Lisa did. For anyone hoping to get clear on their brand, and themselves, I recommend working with this powerhouse of a branding expert and coach! "
Barbara Berger, PCC
Career Coach

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Lisa Guillot. I help my clients unleash their future self through creativity, unwavering energy and the transformative power of knowing their purpose.

I use a creative approach weaving together my 20 + years of brand strategy with soul-filled (and professionally certified) leadership training to expand what’s possible for you. It’s a superpower that embraces who you are becoming + the interconnected parts that will elevate your body, mind, and soul to create purpose and legacy.
My 1-1 clients include senior-level executives of Fortune 500 entertainment and media companies, leaders in marketing and tech, and ambitious entrepreneurs.
I’m the bestselling author of Find Your Clear Vision: A New Mindset to Create a Vibrant Personal or Professional Brand with Purpose, founder of Clear Vision U, a mindset and personal brand training program, and host Find Your Clear Vision, a personal branding and mindset podcast.
If you are ready for your next-level, I’m your coach.

Envision yourself after this session: stepping off the hamster wheel, basking in newfound clarity, confidently making clear decisions, and armed with actionable steps to craft your dream.


Tara, a client of mine, shared in an open letter on LinkedIn her biggest takeaways from working with me.

*she started with an Introductory Vision Coaching session, just like this one


“I started out this year on a hamster wheel. Not really having intention for what I was doing, but doing it ALL anyway. So I hired Lisa.

Here are 6 ways professional coaching accelerated my personal growth:

I have a thought partner. I can ask for help! What a notion?! Having a coach gave me a neutral, third-party accountability and thought partner. 

I can control my energy! Having the ability to shift my energy and recover throughout the day fuels my productivity, creativity and well-being. 

My perfectionism was holding me back. I’ve incorporated words like “pilot” and “try it on” into my vocabulary. I breathe a sigh of relief just thinking about it. I don’t have to do everything at once. Save it for later. Or as Lisa says “put it in your cart.”

I reawakened my creativity. In 8 months I created 25 videos and almost 100 original text posts. I won a naming contest at work. I found joy in collaborating with others. I look at problems differently. And the rush of ideas just keeps coming!

I strengthened my decision making. I was suffering from decision fatigue, anxiety and worry about making choices. Lisa led me through exercises that forced me to slow down, get out of my thinking brain and into my body. Now I can be more productive.

I’ve simplified my self-care. I knew that I had to take care of myself first, but what does that really mean? I do a 15-minute morning ritual that I can do anywhere, even if my kids are awake. I now hire a sitter for 2-3 hours on Sunday afternoons to, do whatever I want.”

Imagine a future where...

Where you save time, money and energy because you make crystal clear decisions.

You feel confident in your branding because you are confident in yourself.

Your voice is heard on social platforms and you’re inspiring others.

Your productivity is fueled by joy and curiosity leading to amazing opportunities.

Oh! And most importantly, you'll come away from this session fully aware of your clear vision and a well-defined path to reach it.

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Unleash your mindset potential and refine your brand in personalized 1-hour session with me. New clients: just $333 ($400+ value)