Bright Now on Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello! Welcome to Bright Now on Fridays video series! 

This week I invited my client, Jen Herrmann, to talk about why she hired a creative career coach and the transformations that have happened in her life since we started working together in November 2017.

“I needed someone who would get into the weeds with me and get their hands dirty, re-energize my creativity and my inspiring personality.”– Jen Herrmann

Jen is the creator of Girl Meets Party, a lifestyle site celebrating all things homemade. Girl Meets Party offers a variety of services for wedding planning, event planning, and personal coaching. They love to make every moment a memory. She also has a full-time job in the marketing industry…a high performing, driven and ambitious woman, it’s a joy to see her light up whatever she touches.

“I was cautious as a marketer not to fall in love with the beautiful side of Be Bright Lisa, and I interviewed you and two other people and found that you were the only person who made me uncomfortable in the best way possible. You started asking me “Why?” and I knew that’s exactly what had been missing, and that’s why I felt my wheels spinning.”– Jen Herrmann

I asked her:

What qualities were you looking for when you decided to hire a creative career coach?

What was life like for you when we started working together?

And finally, I asked, what’s life like now?


If you know someone who is highly ambitious, creative and looking for accountability and direction, forward them this video and see if coaching may be a fit for them.

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Be bright, Lisa

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