Bright Now on Friday May 4, 2018

“Nobody is going to care…I feel silly…I need more confidence before I…”

What if this actually brings me dream clients, I become wildly successful because of who I am and make a big impact in the world??

Naaaaaah, let’s not go there!

Are you collecting all the reasons why you shouldn’t be working on your marketing and sales?

Listen, branding doesn’t HAVE to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, it doesn’t have to be all self-promotion.

Imagine all of the brain power you put into the reasons why you shouldn’t be working on your brand and put that energy into actually building an authentic brand that brings in dream clients.

Let’s bust all the reasons WHY NOT and get to work. I’ve pinpointed the 7 biggest beliefs that are potentially destroying your business—AND exactly how to bust through them.

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This week on Bright Now Fridays I’m diving into branding, personal branding and leadership. I believe that everyone is the leader of their life, and coming from that place, anything is possible.

We are starting this series by breaking up beliefs that may be holding you back in your business and career.

I love talking about this stuff, it lights me up because it is so important for creative entrepreneurs and creative professions. Here’s our first false belief about branding:

“I’ve got my brand handled, I’ve got a website, logo, color scheme, so why aren’t my clients connecting with me?”

In the video I’m sharing from Seth Godin and Christie Hefner who I had the pleasure to meet this week at NAWBO’s annual awards luncheon.

Christie’s 4 pillars of leadership are:

1. Be willing to take a risk

2. Commit to a vision

3. Commit to culture

4. Be purpose-driven beyond money

I’d love to hear your thoughts as I kick off this series! And if you have a friend who is exploring what their purpose or impact may be, forward this to them, they’ll love you for it.

Hi there, I’m Lisa Guillot.

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