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I was asked to be on the book launch team for Danielle LaPorte’s new release White Hot Truth. I have been a fan of Danielle’s work for years, I recommend her Desire Map workbooks for clients to set intentions and goals, in fact I base my daily to-do list on my Core Desired Feelings, want to know more about that? Ping me.

White Hot Truth is just that: truth, straight-up, no chaser, honesty about that “spiritual glitter” that gets tossed around like confetti.

My biggest takeaway was that I don’t have to do everything, I don’t have to be everything either. A wise client told me, “Just because someone throws you the ball doesn’t mean you have to catch it.” It’s as if White Hot Truth gave me the permission to be tender, heart-felt, compassionate and in love with just being me. In coaching language, I’m a *high performer* a creative entrepreneur with 3 businesses, 4 kids and type A personality, permission to chill the F out was a true gift. One that I have to remind myself of constantly.  I get to choose who I am being everyday and that’s enough. I’m enough.

Danielle LaPorte wrote a guest post I’m dying to share with you because each one of these points rings true with me, and I bet you can see yourself in some of them too.

What I see in her share is that to know yourself, inside and out, is to know your energy and focus. You’ll have answers before there are questions, you’ll make big business and career decisions with confidence quicker, and you’ll be happier in relationships because you can share from your heart. You’ll know your heart. You just have to listen and discover. It’s work, don’t get me wrong, but it’s worth it. I tell my clients, you have to spend time to make time.

Lisa Guillot for Danielle LaPorte

From Danielle LaPorte: Wisdom is paradoxical

“True wisdom usually holds and transcends opposing points of view. Wisdom knows that there is always an exception to the rule, that there is a time and place, and that a case-by-case approach is divine protocol.


If you can comfortably hold your paradoxes, you’re going to be just fine.

Because I’m suggesting that you:

1. Love yourself first and foremost and… Include the world in your loving (and then get off your ass and be more selflessly engaged).

2. Raise your standards and… Be more flexible and accommodating.

3. Forgive and… Don’t forget.

4. Honour spiritual traditions and… Be your own guru.

5. Be open-hearted and… Have clear, strong boundaries.

6. Be understanding and… Don’t take any shit.

7. Have a vision and… Go with the flow.

8. Trust and… Do the work.

9. Get real and… Be idealistic.

10. Be steadfast in your Truth and… Make all kinds of exceptions.

11. Have strong preferences and… Be easy to please.

12. Lead with your heart and… Your head.

13. Own your extraordinariness and… Your ordinariness.

Because it’s up to you and… we’re all in this together. And hey, we have all the time in the world, but… this is urgent.”

This is a peek-a-boo from Danielle LaPorte’s new book love #WhiteHotTruth, Chapter 3: TRUTHFULLY SEEKING.

Bonus! Danielle has given us access to read or listen to the entire chapter free here. I recommend listening to her, she’s got a great voice.

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