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Bright Spots: October

As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. These are some bright spots I shared this past month on Instagram with tips, musings, and fun tidbits I think you’ll like. Follow along here.

1.) Leaves are always a great reminder that it’s easy to let that shit goooooo. #livebrightly

2.) I figured it out, Rocky Horror is where my life coaching journey started: Don’t dream it. Be it. Did you grow up on Rocky Horror as a Halloween staple?

3.) BIG realization in October: Our comfort zone is actually extremely uncomfortable. It’s that familiar, blah, anxious place in our head that lead us to do the same thing day-in-day-out. It’s boring, and you aren’t boring. So what if we all escaped our comfort zone and got uncomfortable on purpose? What does that create? – asked she who talks with her hands.

4.) I’m so excited to announce that I’m partnering with Jessica Zweig to create SimplyBe Bright on November 16! This is going to be an immersive personal branding experience for women who crave clarity, purpose, and direction in their personal branding.

What is personal branding? One word: everything.

Do you need one? Yes.  Do you already have one? Yes. Let’s create clarity and purpose in this essential brand that is all yours. Get more details and your ticket here.

5.) There is a difference between “doing” and being in action: Doing is the hustle, overwhelm, busy, behind, catching up, where did all the time go?? Being in action is having an intention, planning and then doing it. The biggest take away I have from coaching is this: without a purpose to your doing, you are just wasting time. Create a life, brand and business you love, is doable, if you plan it. This is me in action with the intention of getting those damn shoes to fit right.

What's getting in your way?

What if that was no longer an issue? Then what's possible? Just like me, you only have this one life, what do you want to create?

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6.) When I realize I can chill the F out and let her explore the pumpkins at the grocery store for more than a minute. My grocery list is not as important as her smile. There is a moment between stimulus and reaction, and that moment is choice. Today I choose smiles, giggles and miniature pumpkins with this one. How about you?

I would love to know your bright spots were from this past month, share them with me in the comments or over on Instagram


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