Guest Speaker: Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om

Guest-Speaker-LaurenAshWhy Lauren?

Lauren has a vision which exudes branding on purpose, with purpose.

I asked Lauren to be a guest speaker at Branding On Purpose, With Purpose because I’m consistently impressed with how her online and in-person intentions sing true. Read through her Black Girl in Om instagram feed as well as her personal feed, then wait till you meet her in person! It’s the same woman, values, purpose and glow of kindness that surrounds her in person as it does online. From a branding perspective that is golden. She has captured a niche market, shared her intentions with raw honesty, and is both making an impact in the world and making a living because of it.

Lauren is the Founder and Creative Director of Black Girl In Om, a lifestyle brand focused on cultivating holistic wellness, inner beauty, and self-empowerment for women of color.

She is also a certified yoga instructor, wellness curator, and creative writer with her work published in Design*Sponge, Blavity, and most recently Teen Vogue, New York Magazine, and Elle.com.

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But, more about Lauren.

Lauren is her core values through and through which again, in the personal branding world, is a rarity. Her purpose is to curate and cultivate holistic lifestyles and living through wellness, community and creativity. She does this work with women, people of color, and creatives – and usually a mix of all three. We’ll be talking about how she created her community, found her niche, and what tools she uses to share her story with the world openly, honestly and with authentic intention.

I know she will provide incredible insights for our first Brightly Branded Intensive and I can’t wait for her to share them with you.

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