Bright Spots: April

Bright Spots: April

As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. These are some bright spots I shared from the past month on Instagram.

1. I had 3 amazing conversations this week with women entrepreneurs who are pouring their heart and soul into their business and the reward is so big for them and for the world. Love is a brand that I can get behind! And Aloe Black, because he’s the bomb.

2. I LOVE real life. This week Forth Chicago partnered with Madewell along with about 50 amazing women entrepreneurs, makers, shakers and doers. Add in a Smilebooth photo booth and it’s a party. Love the digital to analog connections that we make on a local level. Love the support and energy everyone brought to the event.

3. My two year old channelling her inner Digable Planet, “Cause I am cool like that, cool like that, cool like that. And I am out.”

4. Cocktail with a bit of fruit totally falls into my “Good for you!” mindset. Drinking with intention is a good thing.

5. I am channeling my inner Lady Gaga today from car karaoke to client calls to yoga. Mantra: Don’t be a drag, just be a QUEEN. Thank you to God, The Universe and Lady Gaga your creative spirit and magic making!

6. Now that’s a cupcake ya’ll. Have you ever thought that you know what? I’m just done with the day. I’ve had enough and I’m going to eat the whole damn thing. And maybe that one over there too.



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