I’m a life and leadership coach + brand strategist. I help executives and entrepreneurs create success on their own terms.


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I’m Lisa Guillot. I’m a professional life and leadership coach and brand strategist. Design Thinking + Leadership Goals light me up.

My clients have started businesses, sold profitable businesses, hit the $1M mark, left jobs to start careers they love, started families, sold artwork at prices that they once thought impossible, transformed their relationships to self-care, energy management and leadership all in spans of 6 months or less.

I help my clients achieve these kinds of results using a holistic approach that blends brand strategy and my life and leadership coaching expertise.

So ask yourself, what if you got to create your life by design? What does that make possible? Let’s get the conversation started.




As a professionally trained life and leadership coach, I help my clients beautifully blend together their life, brand and business in positive, impactful ways.


I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I work with motivated entrepreneurs to push their life, brand and business beyond what they think is possible today.


Who you are today is a fraction who you need to be to create the dreams you desire. Together we’ll develop a self-care routine that supports you at your best. For Entrepreneurs. For Executives.


I have been building brands for 18 years. I help my clients gain notoriety, income, traction and leadership in their industry through an exclusive personal branding program.


"I learned so much from tonight's #PowerHour with the amazing life, brand and business coach, Lisa Guillot. The personal branding exercise she gave us was eye-opening and inspiring! Thank you."

Cherish Brown


"Lisa is a creative powerhouse, always brimming with new ideas even on projects that come up again and again. She brings fresh vision and understands how to get people to buy in to a new idea, even people who are averse to change."

Kathy Frey, Jeweler / Entrepreneur


"Lisa, I want to thank you for helping us during our dire time of need. You really helped us with your step-by-step process to re-organize Victoria Sdoukos Couture Bridal."

Genia Rackos, Lead Designer: Victoria Sdoukos Couture Bridal

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